The Artist's Resume
Ivana Candiago

1964: Born in Vittorio Veneto, Italy
1978-1981: Scuola d'Arte, Venice, Italy
1981-1985: Accademia di Belle Arti, Venice, Italy (master class of Emilio Vedova)

1984: Expo Arte, Bari, Italy
1985: Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice, Italy
1985: Galerie Carlos Hulsch, Berlin
1986: Galerie Carlos Hulsch, Berlin
1987: Galerie Bodo Niemann, Berlin
1988: Interventi d'arte contemporanea, Grosseto, Italy
1989: FBK, Berlin
1989: Studio Erhardt, Berlin
1990: Galerie Cedav, Pisa, Italy
1993: Studio Jung, Berlin
1996: Abney Gallery, New York
1997: Abney Gallery, New York
1998: MSC Visual Arts Gallery, Texas A&M, College Station, Texas

Career Related Experience Jewelry design, gold work (master diploma of the Regione dell'Umbria, Italy, 1990-1993)

The following text by the Italian art historian and critic Gianni Gentilini was published in 1996.


A tightrope stretched between chaos and form, perfect form, shaped and burnished, and on the rope the darting steps and tremulous suspensions of an acrobat. An aerial and hazardous passage so familiar to the fiber of every true artist. Anguish, torment, and labor beneath the skies of Europe, the light of Italy. The lucid, balanced rigor of Piero della Francesca, the gilded textures of the mosaics of Venice and their surfaces vibrant with color. The rational, Latin harmony of Tuscany and the glitter of the Byzantine world; East and West re-emerge and merge like a priceless inheritance, forming the material from which emerge the forms.

It is a search for ancient forms, for ineluctable order and resonance: the architecture of Man and his own architectures that constantly reverberate in intertwining filigree; the Mediterranean with its infinite sediments of a history and classicism still rich and throbbing. Labyrinth and double axe, Minotaur and sacrificial blade, Iphigenia and the blind eyes of Homer, imperial purple and gilded decadence: trickling drops of life, sun, blood, which will flutter so long as Man exists, profoundly rooted in his soul, in his body.

Eternal foundation of human structures, they can be slowly but surely deciphered, indispensable aids in penetrating through mist and darkness to colors and forms, which with their meanings in the present create the vigorous and supple alphabet of the images necessary to understand, express, to know oneself, and to take another step along the acrobat's tightrope.

One labyrinth and a thousand paths, infinite passages and tugs on the thread. Just open the eyes of the soul to see, beyond each step, the many steps that have gone before it.

Written by: Gianni Gentilini
Translation: Nicholas Hartmann
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